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Wing Chun Maxims

Maintain your structure while moving.
Maintain and face your center line.
The punch is dispatched from the heart.
The discharge power is formless.
Redirect the incoming force.
Borrow the incoming force to increase your attack.
To stay with what comes; to give back with what goes.
Charge straight in upon loss of hand contact.
Stick- to continuously press on the attack.
Absolutely do not release or relax your guard.
Fear of getting hit will make you vulnerable.
Greed in your attack will make you vulnerable.
Have shape; hit shape.
No shape; hit shadow.
Use your Chi Sao training when hands are in contact.
When there is no hand in contact rush in to make contact.
Use your structure to support your attacks.
Loss of structure can be recovered with a strong rooted horse stance.
The ultimate achievement is when your mind & body work as one.