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Wing Chun History

Wing Chun History

There are many in-depth Wing Chun stories that can be found online. The version I present here is just a brief outline with some of my comments.

The origin of Wing Chun will always be a mystery. There are many stories depicting where, who and how the system was developed, but no one knows for sure. We do know that the Manchurians invaded China in 1644, ending the Ming Dynasty.

The Shaolin Temple became a place of refuge for the revolutionary loyals to the Ming family. The five elders, Buddhist Abbess Nun Ng Mui, Taoist Master Fung Too Tak, Taoist Master Miu Hin, Abbot Jee Shim and Abbot Pak Mei were working a new style that could be mastered in a shorter time period for combat against the Manchurians. The Manchu government ordered to burn down the temple once they learned of what was going on inside. The five elders did escape and broke off in different directions.

Some say that Buddhist Nun Ng Mui put the final touches on her Kung Fu, after watching the snake and crane fight, and others say it was the fox and the crane. The questions I ask are, was she watching the actual animals, or could it be possible that she was watching two people from different fighting styles?

A young lady named Yim Wing Chun met Ng Mui while selling bean curd. Yim Wing Chun told Ng Mui that she was being bullied by a man to marry him. Ng Mui asked Yim Wing Chun to come with her to learn Kung Fu to fight off the bully. Yim Wing Chun accepted the invitation and went off to the mountains with Ng Mui to train Kung Fu, and when she came back, she was able to defeat the bully, freeing her from marrying him. Yim Wing Chun later married Leung Bok Cho and taught him the Kung Fu system, after Yim Wing Chun’s demise, Leung Bok Cho named the Kung Fu system after his wife.

The most important thing to remember about the history, is the one story that most of the Wing Chun families agree on, and that is, about a Buddhist Abbess Nun Ng Mui and how she designed her system of fighting. She developed a system to exploit her opponent’s use of physical strength. So, don’t rely on brute strength while training the art. The next time you train, ask yourself, do I use physical strength to dominate my opponent, and if so, would I still be able to do the same if I was weaker than my opponent?