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ZEN Risk-Free Trial

ZEN Risk-Free Trial




ZEN Operates through a retainer structure, designed to favor serious organizations with the foresight to retain our services long-term.

As a Reserved Client, we maintain a high-level overview of your technological situation and sophistication while monitoring and guiding improvements to your systems.

Allowing us to do so, provides us a savings in operational complexity and cognitive load when issues arise; Reserved Clients receive up to 75% off our hourly rates .

We provide 3 levels of service for Reserved Clients, each level’s cost is multiplied by $500 per month, each level reduces consulting hourly costs by 25%.

We like new challenges so we designed this totally risk free trial, so you get an in-depth look at any technology problem and make your assessment.

If you are happy with the experience, our insights/offer/recommendations, etc., and choose to keep us on then its an honor to be here for you!

Once you select your Reserved Client retainer level (1-3) you will get that Reserved Client exclusive rate, from the very start.

This offer is not limited to new customers, and no up-front retainer payment is necessary.

*Some conditions apply:

  • Reduced hourly rate is only available if a Reserved Client retainer agreement is selected upon completion.
  • Our goal is to meet organizations that might be a good fit, we reserve the right to refuse any we feel is not.
  • Scheduling is subject to availability, and only unused hourly units can be refunded.


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