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Learn to build amazing systems through developing automated control customized to your organization. Improve your understanding of what makes a good system and what it takes to turn a good system into a smart system. Find ways to strengthen your organization and relax your development team and staff with our comprehensive knowledge of integrating the Internet and leveraging its resources to power your systems.

ZEN Enterprise Networks offers world-class guidance and software services, expert consulting and contract work in Site Reliability Engineering, Enterprise Architecture, Big Data, Internet of Things, DevOps, Scalability, High Availability and more.  We are experts in Erlang/OTP and have familiarity with many other High Scalability computer environments in use at Amazon, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc including the fast moving targets of what is considered best-in-class.

Develop with less fear
Work in any environment
No pre-canned solutions
No suprises or hidden fees

Full comprehensive analysis
For organizations at every level
Effectiveness you can measure
Learn the science of adapting

icon-6Strengthen Your Systems
Well designed software is known to have fewer security and reliability issues what is less known is that the automation of your systems can be integrated at the platform levels. Since our system of automation doesn’t rely on the working components to remain fixed; when implemented properly the entire organization can become automated and secure.

icon-5Reduce Cognitive Load
Programming is about learning to guide computers to do what you want in any situation, by identifying what’s needed not guessing it. It is a delusion to think we can accurately predict the future. We therefore execute simple test actions before deployment and randomly throughout runtime and never attempt to assume any operational state.

icon-4Good Code MUST be maintained
As code ages it undergoes something known as “bit-rot”. Basically losing cohesion between itself and the systems that it connects to or surrounds it. How can you expect to maintain automation when you have things randomly breaking all the time? We identify problem areas so that they don’t constantly trip up your technical and support staff.

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