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The Ultimate Achievement

Wing Chun is to train the mind to control the body by operating and responding in the moment, in the present, with no preconceived notions, to all stimuli and respond to those stimuli with an appropriate response, whatever that response may be. Anticipation will place you in

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Wing Chun State Of Mind

Wing Chun develops the mind, to react through thinking and feeling, by sharpening the senses to see and feel for holes and to flow with different pressures upon engagement in your opponent’s defenses. Knowing the awareness of your body and your opponent’s body and to make conscious

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A Lesson In Chi Sao

A Lesson In Chi Sao Chi Sao is an instrumental tool in the development of Wing Chun. The intent during the practice of chi sao is not to see how many times you can whack your opponent in the face or the chest. The intent is to

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