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ZEN Enterprise Networks is here to help you to improve every aspect of your IT and integrated systems, to strengthen your development and deployment iterations, to automate everything under the stars. We completely focus on enhancing the overall reliability and capability of your organization and it’s ability to coordinate as much as possible… automatically.

We’ve mastered reducing the cognitive load that creeps up in technology infrastructure. When systems need to maintain high availability under heavy use, while not obstructing multiple developers from improving and changing the characteristics of those running systems. Complicated Systems under these pressures tend towards a fractal explosion of complexity and loss of momentum. Don’t let that happen!

Pedram Nimreezi


ZEN was started by Pedram Nimreezi who has been strapped to a computer since 1986. He is very uncompromising when it comes to what should be expected from well designed systems. Having studied sophisticated methods for exercising control over technology, people and organizations, he became heavily influenced by soft adaptive designs in Management Cybernetics and Kung Fu.

Pedram’s focus is to engineer an organizational structure that perfectly matches your organizational identity, utilizing advanced heuristics to identify obstacles to improving automation. You can be confident that your project or idea will be meticulously prepared with the capability to maybe one day run all by itself.

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