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ZEN Enterprise Networks

At ZEN, we believe there is an art and science to aligning systems to your organizations goals. We provide a scientific approach to automation and control that is heavily influenced by the most technologically advanced control systems ever created.

The connected structure of computer networks parallel the way that the mind works. The social consequences of this offer new ways to learn every day. At ZEN, we assemble intelligence systems to creatively serve the intellect requirements of modern day automation by means of artificial general intelligence. Our ambitions root from task-centric artificial intelligence focus, thought & practical application. At ZEN, we utilize our research and results in hopes to find unnamed breakthroughs of tomorrow; amplifying imagination and in turn potential for research.

 Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
 Computer Vision / Distributed Systems
 IoT / Data Acquisition / Advanced Analytics

High Concurrency / High Availability
 DevOps Automation in Dedicated or Cloud
 Enterprise Information Architecture


We hold Classes and Meetups to give people a hands on experience they wouldn’t and most likely couldn’t get elsewhere. We hold nothing back in terms of knowledge, if you don’t understand something, good. You can figure it out here, maybe rtfm and try again because removing obstacles is a skill imbued with experience. We teach people how to learn real skills and great instincts. If you want anything done Good and Cheap, here’s where to do it. If you want something done Good and Fast… Click to Reserve ZEN hours!


You decide the level of support you or your organization requires. We offer from zero support (Free Open Source Software) to hero support (Managed Open Source Software). We believe in full transparency, honesty and integrity. That means you’re getting what we really think, not powdered down, to do with as you please. We believe in professional software whose code can be externally verified and people who put yours and the planets interests above their own, because that’s what it takes to truly represent ZEN.


Monday through Friday our phones are open from 12PM to 4PM EST. ZEN Academy is open by invitation, Workshops and Meetups are regularly posted on the calendar. We try our best to find cool projects and collaborate with partners from our community to demonstrate Civic Technology and expose Open Source Projects to people who may want to improve their skills while benefiting those projects. We focus more on the higher intermediate and advanced skill levels and keep our eyes open for promising new talent.




ZEN represents technology initiatives rooted in our refined expertise in..